Chris Hadfield's Generator with Dad

Taken at Roy Thompson Hall

Wicked with Mom

Preparing for our Ride to Conquer Cancer!

Becca and I out biking to prepare for our Ride to Conquer Cancer in 2019!


Gavin laughing at something he said

Opening Quebec City!

Exciting day as we opened our store in Quebec City!

Standing #WithRefugees

Joined by IKEA Group CEO Jesper Brodin, we're standing #WithRefugees in Geneva at the Nansen Awards

Congratulating Dr. Atar on winning the 2018 Nansen Award

Great to meet Dr. Atar in Geneva and hear his story

Flags at the Palais des Nations in Geneva

Chilling with a statue

On stage for the Start2Finish year end run

Taken at the York University Track and Field centre

Hanging out in Toronto with the IKEA HRSC team!


Ribfest with the parents

Burlington, ON


Oakville, Ontario

Leaning back, on top of the world!

Toronto CN Tower

Hanging out with my Africa group

Taken after climbing up a mountain after surviving our white water rafting

2017 Nansen Awards #WithRefugees

Congratulating Zannah Mustapha on winning the 2017 Nansen Award

Geneva, Switzerland

Alaskan Cruise, three of us sharing one room...

Becca was a bit cold.

Meeting Matt!

One of my travel inspirations


Pan Am Games closing ceremony

CN Tower Climb 2018


Meeting Piff the Magic Dragon!


Kenney Space Centre in Florida

Chilling with Harley

Ball pits are for all ages!

IKEA Museum in Canada (popup)

Contemplating life

Switzerland, 2017

Alaska with the siblings

Alaska with the family

Venturing into the Okavango Delta